Car Parking Services

Quaestor provides both Pay on Foot and Pay and Display car parking systems and solutions.

Car Parking Services

Quaestor provides both Pay on Foot and Pay and Display car parking systems and solutions.

Quaestor are distributors for ICA Multiticket Parking Management Systems in the Republic of Ireland. We supply, install and maintain ICA Pay on Foot Parking Management Systems.

Established in 1986 and having over 1,600 installations worldwide across multiple industries, ICA is the number one supplier of parking solutions into Shopping Centres within Germany.

Perfect design, solid workmanship and the use of state of the art data processing and communication systems are just as much a feature of ICA as the use of energy saving components for eco-friendly, efficient system operation. With the MultiTicket parking system ICA offers you innovative and flexible system solutions customised to achieve the most economical solution.

The ICA MultiTicket C chip card system is based on processing a reusable, contactless chip card for all parking management tasks. The chip card is used for short-term tickets as well as special and permanent tickets. In contrast to a paper-based system there are no follow-up costs due to ongoing ticket usage.

Fig 1 Comparison of Ticket Usage:

The comparison in Fig 1 is based on a car park with 2,000 entries per day, open 6 days a week. In the case of a higher turnover the chip card becomes even more cost effective. The comparison also takes into account a 5% loss rate for the chip cards to allow for misplaced tickets. With the chip card system there is a potential save more than €50,000 on paper ticket costs alone over 10 years of the car parking systems life.The chip card can be rewritten over 100,000 times

Additional savings will be made on maintenance as the contactless technology reduces the costs associated with magnetic strip paper tickets. Contactless technology is effectively wear proof keeping mechanical moving parts to a minimum.

  • Only chip card based solution for parking space management
  • Low maintenance thanks to contactless read technology and very few mechanical components
  • Flexible discounting due to electronic stamping/payment
  • One card for all applications

With Quaestors experience of installing, commissioning and maintaining fare collecting systems nationwide, we are the ideal partner to help maximise your parking revenue.

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Quaestor are the official distributors for WSA Electronic Gmbh in the Republic of Ireland, where we supply, install and maintain WSA Pay & Display Car Parking Machines. WSA are located in Germany since 1992 have been developing and producing innovative pay & display ticket machines for the world market.

WSA electronic currently hold market-leading positions in countries, such as Norway, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. Their main market for equipment is still Germany, where more than 5,000 units are in use. In the city of Berlin, a total of 850 machines of the version “TicketLine economy” are in operation.

WSA’s most recent innovation see’s the introduction of their TicketLine ParkingOffice, a web based back office system providing:

  • Secure access to your data: Whenever you want, wherever you want
  • Comprehensive information for maximum efficiency in parking management
  • No time and effort for operation and maintenance of the system
  • Software as a service: The pay-as-you-use principle

WSA TicketLine7 is the most cost effective Pay & Display solution in today’s market. For further information contact us at +353-1-8550025. Design & security:

  • compact and resistant device structure
  • continuous stainless steel, waterproof and vandal resistant
  • Safe, certified security according to VdS 3546 P3
  • customer specific locks, individual access security
  • protection against manipulation
  • electronic locking system
  • cashless means of payment
  • with his noble product design, theTicketLine7 is integrated perfectly and harmoniously into any urban landscape
  • removable self-locking cash box