Quaestor Engineering Services

We are committed to achieving client satisfaction through delivering results which exceed expectations. Our continued growth is as a result of repeat business from existing customers with partnerships approaching 30 years.

We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of support services. Quaestor’s service team consists of trusted, highly qualified field service/in-house personnel whose combined electrical and mechanical expertise yields results in both time and cost without compromising quality.

For 26 years now Quaestor has been supporting the transport industry with;

  • Equipment installation and commissioning
  • Field Service and Aftermarket Services
  • In-house repair and Support services
  • Comprehensive reporting on equipment performance
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Complete spares part management program
  • Design modification and implementation
  • Emergency Services
  • Safety Studies
  • Safety and Risk management Projects
  • Equipment Reconditioning Services

Outsourced engineering can quickly make expertise available that is not necessarily a companies core focus, resulting in faster responses to customers and lower overall costs. We are eager to continue to grow our client list, sharing our years of experience within the service industry.