Irish Rail Story

For 32 years now Quaestor has worked alongside Iarnrod Eireann in providing engineering services.

Quaestor continues to maintain Irish Rail’s fare collection system nationwide constantly meeting the demand for shorter response times and increased equipment availability as driven by their customers.

Client requirements

Throughout the Republic Of Ireland Quaestor is tasked with maintaining:

  • 330 Ticket Vending Machines
  • 300 Entry / Exit Validation Gates
  • 40 Booking Office Machines
  • Portable Devices

    The type of maintenance we perform on the above equipment is as follows:

    • Field service 1st level corrective and preventive maintenance nationwide.
    • In-house 2nd & 3rd level corrective and preventive maintenance.
    • Ticket replenishment.
    • Spare parts management.
    • Helpdesk support.
    • Service management.
    • Full period reporting on equipment performance.


    We constantly meet the performance criteria in the Service Level Agreement with Iarnrod Eireann, achieving a high level of availability for all the Fare Collection Equipment in the contract.


    • Dublin City centre
    • Greater Dublin Area
    • Inter City Stations