Cashel County Tipperary – Pay & Display

Home to the iconic Rock of Cashel, Cashel town is one of the most visited tourist locations in Ireland. When the local council were looking to expand the number of Pay & Display machines in the town they choose the WSA Electronic Ticketline Economy as supplied by Quaestor Analytic Ltd.

Client requirements

In addition to the technical features of the Pay & Display equipment, investment costs played a very important role for the decision makers of the council. Having viewed the equipment in the nearby southern harbour town of Cobh County Cork they identified the Ticketline economy as meeting their key requirements;

  • Cost effective
  • User friendly
  • Easily installed and maintained.


In addition to the units being competitively priced Quaestor Analytic Ltd’s low service costs are the basis for a highly efficient parking solution. Cashel town presently has 10 WSA Ticketline Economy Pay & Display machines in operation.