Garvey’s Supervalu, Dungarvan

Garvey’s Supervalu is located on the quay in the coastal town of Dungarvan. With over 100 parking locations the shop is located within walking distance to Dungarvan town centre. Our client wanted to ensure customers of the store had access to parking along with favourable parking rates.

Client requirements

  • Revenue generation via a dual tariff system applicable to customers and Non-customers
  • Flexible customer tariff to reflect the amount spent whilst shopping in the store
  • With upwards of 1000 entries on any given day, an environmentally friendly, reliable system which is economical to both run and maintain
  • Payment hours applicable only during core times (no payment after 5:00pm)
  • A flexible web-based, real-time parking Management System, accessible anytime and anywhere from any web connected device
  • Remote control and maintenance of all system components
  • Both remote and centralised reporting of current status, including alarms, occupancy reports etc
  • Reports to aid revenue management.


Multi tariff, Reliable, flexible and economical solution.

The chip card technology allows for a customer’s parking tariff to be discounted either by cashiers at the till (via a validator) or if tills have QR capability by scanning the receipt on the QR reader mounted in the pay station.

The amount of free parking time allocated is flexible and set by shop management.

ICA is Germany’s #1 supplier of parking management systems to shopping centres. Based around a reusable contactless Smart card technology, the chip card system has many advantages over paper ticket technology. The chip card technology eliminates the ongoing costs associated with the managing and purchasing of paper tickets

The pay station is made of stainless steel and features a nine point locking system which provides optimal protection from weather conditions and vandalism.

In keeping with ICA’s focus on reliability and low running costs the exit & entry barriers use state of the art drive technology which provides high speed entry/exit whilst consuming 75% less energy compared to similar products on the market. In addition the entry/exit stations are specified for 10 million cycles of operation. A simple to manage cartridge system provides 6 x 380 cards that are easily interchangeable between entry and exit barriers.

With excellent reliability the system lends itself to both manned and unmanned management, thanks to the autonomy of the individual components each unit can be operated entirely independently from the other components.

As required from the outset a highly flexible, reliable and cost effective system capable of accommodating dual tariffs (favouring customers) was implemented.

ICA’s focus on design for reliability and efficiency coupled with Quaestor’s years of service experience in fare collection systems ensured the client obtained an optimal solution that will serve the business for many years to come.